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Gillian has Produced and Directed over 180 award-winning prime-time dramas in
both Australia and Asia. Her accomplishments include:

Directed ‘HOME AND AWAY’, the most awarded program in Australian TV History (46 awards) and ‘NEIGHBOURS’, the longest running TV series in Australia and winner of 30 Australian Television awards.

Developed and produced possibly the world’s first interactive daily drama series,
GOING HOME, written, shot and aired on the same day - 5 days per week.

Set up and produced the first English drama series in Asia alongside Joanne Brough (Dallas, Falcon Crest) in a joint venture with Television Corporation of
Singapore. Went on to Produce three successful ongoing series in three years.

Directed Asia’s first Woman’s talk show ‘MAY LEE SHOW’, with former CNN anchor May Lee for Star World Cable TV, and directed the highly successful reality series ‘BIG BROTHER’ and ‘SINGAPORE IDOL’.

Currently development consultant on Motion Pictures ‘PRIMAL’ (with Academy
Award writer, Pamela Wallace) and ‘IRON MEN of ’99’ for Skippy Entertainment, LLC. Full Member: Australian Directors Guild and Judge for Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.

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